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YOU can tokenize your asset

We have a number of assets coming through the pipeline that would love to be tokenized, and we are working through making this a reality.


Some of the magic mantras that these projects have are:

  1. No development risk

  2. Income generating

  3. Upside potential through active management & value engineering

Here are a few examples:

Hotel exterior

Luxury Hotel

Central London

80+ rooms

Acquisition - $90m
5% Cash Yield

Apartment Interior with Red Accents

Student Housing


100+ units

Acquisition - $22m
6% Cash Yield

Eiffel Tower Paris

Boutique Hotel


45+ rooms

Acquisition - $44m

5.7% Cash Yield

Before you start

Propcoin Exchange is not just another exchange with anything listed. Hence you must be clear on what you are listing and going through the rigours of ensuring you have the right asset with the right yield, the management to back it, and the longevity of project to ensure transparency.

Propcoin is in the midst of creating its team and will soon announce its rockstar Advisory Board. As we are building out a global platform, we cannot profess to know every market intimately. Hence we are partnering with the best in the business across the various to silos:

  • On the business side, we are onboarding specialist companies for legal structuring, government statutory requirements & filings, and tax

  • On the operations side, we have hired and are in the midst of partnering with global hospitality management companies, restaurant operators, brokers, off-market asset managers and banks

Here's how it works


Want to list your token?
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