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Propco Tokenomics

Propco Tokens are key to the eventual goal of creating a bridging token that links other crypto currencies to Propcoin Exchange. Hence Propco will be listed on other exchanges in order to create float. Propco is the token that will power Propcoin Exchange and will be used as method of swapping our token to those of others on the platform (including BTC, ETH, SOL, USDT etc). 

There are a total of 10 Billion Propco Tokens minted. Thats it. No more will ever be minted.

Tokens at launch & Tokenomics

At Launch:
1% (100 million tokens) will be listed and then airdropped with over 10 million by August 15, 2024. Listing is live on BITMART

5% +2% is reserved for the a further offering to take place within a span of 3 months from the listing.
20% is kept for the team (as the best like to be paid in token + cash), with a clear 3 year vesting period. 

72% is set aside in Treasury with a multi-sig wallet for 3 specific purposes:

1) follow on-coin offerings to be decided upon by our Board and Advisors. Our rules state that no more than 10% of those tokens can be sold per month and a full disclosure of the next coin offering must be disclosed to the existing holders before the offering

2) staked rewards for Propco holders

3) purchase by holders who are listing their tokens on our platform

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