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Properties + Coin

Every crypto token has a project associated with it. Propco is the token used to create a new kind of exchange - one that links the real world to the crypto world. A token when traded, makes a positive difference to the world. With those two ideas, we set out creating the ultimate utility.

Propco powers Propcoin - Alternative Exchange - an exchange with a difference. To prove that we are serious,  click below to beta test the exchange. Its not a pipe dream, but something we are building out as we speak.

A new kind of 
Physi-Digital Exchange.
Powered by Propco

We've built a powerful and secure crypto exchange so that you can trade paired tokens, powered by our own token called Propco. . An overkill, but we arent just any other exchange. We're serious about linking the physical with the digital. We are the first exchange to link the physical world with the digital crypto world, without trying to disrupt either world. 

Digital wallet on phone

What do you do next?

Step 1:

Create an account and get free Propco Tokens

Step 2:

Join the ICO through the Quick Trade route and buy Propco at the launch price.

Quick Steps to sign up & trade

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