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Properties + Coin

Welcome to the exchange dedicated to tokens that are pegged to tangible things. Properties, Assets, Bonds, Gold.. where there is a physical store of value that we understand in the real world.

This is not just another exchange, but an exchange where tokens pegged to something tangible are listed. A token when traded, makes a positive difference to the world. With those two ideas, we set out creating the ultimate utility.

Propcoin is an Alternative Exchange - an exchange with a difference. With stringent rules of who can list and what their responsibilities are. 


And we powering the exchange with Propco Tokens, our tradeable tokens that will power Propcoin Exchange and be traded on exchanges around the world.

Why Propcoin

Benefits of crypto. Security of assets

Secure Exchange

With the best in class technology, our exchange is designed to ensure maximum security and transparency for your investment on the Propcoin platform

Government Regulated

We WANT to be regulated, and are currently undergoing the process required by various governments to bring trust and oversight in everything we do

Global Asset Hedge

We will list tokens that are across asset classes, that are income yielding and sector hedged, vetted by reputed sector experts globally, while following every glo-cal law

A new kind of 
Physi-Digital Exchange.
Powered by Propco

We've built a powerful and secure crypto exchange so that you can trade asset paired tokens, powered by our own called Propco. . An overkill, but we arent just any other exchange. We're serious about linking the physical with the digital. We are the first exchange to link the physical world with the digital crypto world, without trying to disrupt either world. Fractional ownership of multiple asset classes is now a reality. Propcoin Exchange enables physical assets to be listed and tokenized so incomes from physical assets reward holders of digital currency.

Digital wallet on phone

What do you do next?

Step 1:

Create an account and get free Propco Tokens

Step 2:

Join the ICO through the Quick Trade route and buy Propco at the launch price.

Quick Steps to sign up & trade

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